About Texting with me.

I have been online chatting with my friends now you can text me peronally. My availabilty is available whenever I am up. If you have questions just leave me a comment.

Does it cost money?
Yes it is very cost efficent and gives us flexibility to chat whenever. The charge for texting gives you a guarenteed personal response. The cost is low to be afforadable but high enough to make sure Im not having an overflowing inbox. There are many ways to talk to me and I try to comment on every one but I do get busy. When we text message me you are guarenteed to get a respond.

When Can you text me?

Whenever you feel like it. Your text will show up just like my friends on my phone. How quickly I respond depends on what I am doing during the day but your text is treating no differently than any of my girlfriends. Im glued to my phone like everyone else so unless im busy working, sleeping, or something else you will get a response asap. You are not bothering me ever, If i am available then you will get a response quickly. I dont text when Im busy so you are no bother ever. I enjoy meeting and getting to know my fans. Message me whenever.

Will I send naughty sext?
No if you try to it wont end up well. I am a nude model model but that in no way means its ok for me to have dirty messages.

Will I send you sexy pictures?
Yes even though I dont sext I will send sexy pictures of me in my sexy outfit, lingerie, or whatever Im wearing. All you need to dois ask and always remember to tip. 3 credit tip is customary for a requested image, feel free to tip more if you like. Please do not request pictures without being able to tip. If i send a picture out of the blue im doing it for fun.

How can you tip?
If you enter the text “elmtip(X)” with X being the amount you want to tip me, I will receive the tip and you will be notified via a text message
Example text with tip: elmtip(1) <– this will tip me 1 credit

What can we talk about.
Anything you would talk to anyone else about. Ask me questions about myself or tell me about your day. Im very chatting and love getting to know you.

Sign up and send me a text now!